Introducing the two centre Franco-British Holiday

For most of our guests, getting to Burgundy means a long-haul flight. But here’s the thing – once you get here Britain is just an easy train ride away. So, we thought it made sense to offer the chance to not only get the Best of Burgundy on your vacation, but also give the opportunity to add the Best of British too and make the most of your visit.

Jo & Angharad in their Burgundy barging days.

All meals fully catered by your private chef.

It proved to be quite simple. We have some great barging buddies, called Angharad Jones and Joe Campbell who, from time to time, have worked as pilot and hostess on Le Papillon as well as many other deluxe barges. Having worked on the canals for 6 years they left to set up Jones & Campbell, a business which runs luxury country house holidays, in one of England’s most noted areas of outstanding natural beauty – the Cotswolds. Somewhere along the way they also got married.

They offer a selection of honey-coloured Cotswold Stone houses, fully catered with a private chef, wonderful wines from all over the world, and exactly the same sort of hospitality you will find on Le Papillon.

In particular, they have one property we think fits perfectly with a week cruising on Le Papillon in Burgundy or on Nymphea in the Loire Valley. Keeping the valley theme going it’s called Golden Valley Edge, and it sits high on a hill looking down the Chalford Valley. Known locally as the ‘Golden Valley, it’s a very historic area famous for high quality weaving of the wool which made the Cotswolds so prosperous. It accommodates between 4 and 8 people – so if you have friends who want to come on the UK part of the journey you can include them.

The Cotswolds is officially one of England’s outstanding areas of natural beauty.

Just as we do in Burgundy they offer an itinerary that shows the top cultural and historic sites and sights of the region. Dating back to Roman times you visit Bath and Cirencester. Moving to England’s Edwardian period you’ll see Highclere Castle – the set for Downton Abbey. Then, whereas we take you wine tasting in Burgundy, Jones & Campbell show you the local craft brewing and craft Gin industries that are springing up throughout the area – and much more.

Combine the two holidays and, in just a couple of weeks, you get to discover the very quintessence of France and England. You can choose which way around to visit. Talk to either Kim or Angharad to design your perfect two location Franco-British holiday. Between us we’ll organise everything including all the transport and transfers between Burgundy and the Cotswolds.

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