As a guest on board our enchanting barges, you are privy to some of the most beautiful and diverse regions of France.  With seemingly-endless waterways and unparalleled food and wine experiences, France provides the perfect backdrop for your week-long luxury barge cruise.  Itineraries are frequently updated to provide guests with new and unique experiences to explore each year.

Limestone cliffs, stunning waterway scenery and visits to rolling vineyards create the idyllic French countryside experience

Magnificent cathedrals, underground wine caves and visits to iconic champagne houses highlight this historic region

The influence of the Burgundian Dukes is evident throughout the medieval villages and renowned vineyards of this region

Wild Horse of the Camargue Region

Mediterranean flavors and Roman influence prevail amid the natural beauty and wildlife of these coastal wetlands

Mouthwatering Mediterranean flavors combine with hilltop villages and Roman ruins in this colorful region

Beloved chateaux and jaw-droppingly beautiful gardens dot this region known for its elegance and natural beauty

Thank you for the wonderful week! We will long remember
the food, the wine, the cruising, the tours, the walks,
the lounging on the deck, the conversation and just plain fun!

Jane & Nelson

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