The River Barge Cruising Experience

Luxury barge cruising is unlike any typical cruise you’ve ever experienced.  Instead of seeking out experiences, you’ll find that many of your favorite moments will simply come to you.  You’ll savor every second as you explore the local food, wine and history of each region all at a leisurely pace.  To better understand the experience, please take a moment to explore a typical day on board our luxury barges below.  


After a peaceful night of sleep in your luxurious accommodations, awake refreshed and ready to start your day. Breakfast is typically light, though bursting with flavor, and will include a variety of fresh fruits, croissants, preserves, yogurts, and beverages. We source ingredients from local villages, so by the time you wake, the crew has already pedaled into town for fresh croissants and baguettes for the day, and fresh orange juice is being pressed for a bright morning refreshment. This is your morning, and additional breakfast items can be prepared by the chef upon your request.

Each morning, we cruise along the waterways traversing the beautiful countryside.  This is truly one of the most magnificent times of the day. It’s the perfect time to sip a cappuccino and relax as you glide through the beautiful, rich scenery. At each lock, you can take the opportunity to walk or bike alongside the waterway and explore the local villages. Barge cruising is all about taking things at a leisurely pace, so you don’t need to worry about getting left behind if you decide to take a stroll. The next lock is always just a short distance ahead!  If you’re looking for more adventure, the crew can always provide you with suggestions for longer cycling routes.

Lunch is intentionally light and is a sumptuous mix of fresh local ingredients paired with the brilliant wines of the region you’re traveling through. No meal in France would be complete without a tasting of 2-3 French wines and cheeses, and you’ll get to taste a wide variety during your week with us! Most of your lunches will be served onboard your luxury barge and prepared by your private chef for you to enjoy alongside the beautiful scenery.

There are so many things to see and do in France and each day we typically spend the afternoon exploring and visiting local points of interest. The itinerary for each barge and region vary, but they’re all thoughtfully planned to immerse you in the most rewarding experiences of the regions. You’ll have the opportunity to visit iconic châteaux, enjoy wine tastings in local vineyards and explore medieval villages.  Some experiences are within walking distance but we also have a vehicle that will transport you to excursions located farther away from the waterways.

Upon returning from your afternoon excursions, the crew will welcome you back on board to rest and relax as you please. You’re free to return to your room for a nap, read a book, take a stroll, or steal a snack from the kitchen. Our chefs are true masters of crafting the perfect afternoon cocktails to compliment the end of an exciting day. For a taste of true indulgence, pop the top on a delightful sparkling wine from the region and make a toast to the last moments of your afternoon. Why not? This time is yours to spend as you please!

In the evening, our cozy dining rooms transform into intimate and sophisticated spaces perfect for experiencing the stunning flavor profiles your chef creates. While the dress code on board is casual and comfortable, the flavors and presentation of the courses are exquisite and complex. Our chefs focus on local growers and suppliers to source the best ingredients daily according to each season. Each course is perfectly paired with a selection of local vintages and dinner comes to a close with another tasting of French cheeses to round out another indulgent meal.

After dinner and dessert, take your conversation into the saloon to enjoy a leisurely nightcap or coffee while you reflect upon your day. Evenings are all about relaxation. Many guests choose to take one last visit topside to breathe in the fresh evening air and gaze at the stars before retiring to their comfy suites for the night.

Thank you for the wonderful week! We will long remember the food, the wine, the cruising, the tours, the walks, the lounging on the deck, the conversation and just plain fun!

Jane & Nelson

A week of fabulous food, wonderful wines, terrific trips, comfy cabins, cheery company and most of all the super duper staff.


You made this a truly memorable week – great food, fabulous wine and such attention to detail.

Ursala & Garth

The beautiful French countryside, amazing French cuisine & fabulous Burgundy wines surpassed all we had imagined!

Mike & Carolyn

I have traveled all over the world and this is by far one of the finest experiences of my life.


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