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On all June, July and August 2018 Burgundy canal Cruises

Cruise the Burgundy Canal on board Le Papillon

Le Papillon moored

An exploration of Burgundy’s hidden backwaters, with six days spent immersing yourself in gourmet wine and food, against the backdrop of some of the most glorious countryside in Europe. This truly is the taste of France, traveling in splendour and comfort on Le Papillon – ‘The Butterfly’ – a unique hotel barge.

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Cruise the magnificent Loire Valley on board Nymphea

Nymphea at sunset

Immerse yourself in medieval history and relive the Golden Age of France on this all-inclusive six-night river tour along the Valley of the Kings. The Loire is famous for its fabulous Chateaux (castles) and Nymphea – ‘The Waterlily’ – will get you up-close and personal to the very finest this magnificent waterway has to show.

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In France the best things happen at a snail’s pace.

You’ve come all this way so why rush? Why take a road trip when all you get to see is a lot of cars and trucks speeding from A to B at high speed with no chance to get anything truly in focus? Why hit the road when you know for sure that all the interesting things, the old things, the traditional things, the things that have taken centuries to make a place what it is today, get bypassed. So don’t hire a car or catch a bus. Rather, jump on board a barge, turn the clock back 200 years or more, and float gently through history along France’s ancient waterways – once the highways of a nation, now byways and backwaters that give you unrivalled access to the true heart and soul of this proud country.

The French Canal Boat Company Crew

Leigh – Chief Skipper
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Joanne – Executive Chef
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Wiliam AltmanWilliam – Tour Guru
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